Upon receiving a full-time offer with Phillips 66, you will be enrolled in our Marketing Leadership Development Program. This program will give you a comprehensive orientation and understanding of your role in Global Marketing, as well as extensive networking opportunities with managers and peers. Through formal classroom training and job shadowing, you’ll develop a fundamental knowledge of Global Marketing, as well as gain valuable exposure to senior leaders, clear performance expectations and feedback.

After completing the program, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a rewarding position based on your interests, business needs and career development.

Over time, your career may include:

  • Pricing Analyst
  • Customer Supply Analyst.
  • Account Specialist.
  • Sales Representative.

You can begin Phillips 66 careers in key Marketing areas, including:

  • Brand Management.
  • Business Services.
  • Pricing and Supply.
  • Sales.
  • Marketing Services.

To apply for a Global Marketing University New Hire job, please click here.