At Phillips 66, our commitment is to world-class operating excellence and continuous improvement. We support this commitment by aggressively integrating our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) principles throughout our businesses.

As a Phillips 66 new hire, you will gain hands-on knowledge and experience that translates to a greater understanding of the oil and gas industry and how HSE works to support our 21,000 miles of pipelines and 13 refineries across the United States and Europe. You will work with experienced professionals and industry experts to accomplish your assigned goals and objectives, which immediately contribute to Phillips 66’s core values and strategy.

The goal of our new hire program is to give you the tools you need to become a well-balanced, successful professional. Your experiences will allow you to participate in highly complex HSE decisions and prepare you for future career opportunities within the company. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to grow outside of the workplace through engagement in community service, mentoring and networking.

Over time, your career may include:

  • Environmental Specialist
  • Fire Protection Specialist
  • Health and Safety Specialist
  • Industrial Hygiene Specialist
  • Process Safety Specialist
  • Remediation Specialist
  • Security Specialist

To apply for an HSE University New Hire job, please click here.