Finance Excellence Program

Professional Development

Phillips 66 encourages and supports professional development through company-sponsored training courses and opportunities to earn continuing professional education credits needed to maintain professional certifications. We take pride in investing in employees’ professional development and helping them enhance skillsets and expand their knowledge base no matter where they are on their career path. Our people are our most important asset.

Early Career Development

As a finance new hire, you’ll become a part of the finance function and start your PHILLIPS 66 journey with mentorship. You’ll get to learn more about PHILLIPS 66, the finance organization, and how to manage your career.

Finance Excellence Program (FEP)

If during your first five years of service with Phillips 66 you demonstrate an exceptional level of leadership, maturity, communication skills and self-motivation, you could be considered for nomination into the Finance Excellence Program (FEP). The objective of this intensive seven-week training program is to develop Finance employees into future Phillips 66 leaders. Employees leave their desk jobs and, while traveling between Bartlesville and Houston, participate in a mixture of technical, soft skill, hands-on and networking engagements. A primary focus of this program is to ensure participants gain an understanding of not only the operational aspects of the business, but also how each business impacts the financial results.

Over time, your career may include:

  • Analyst
    • Budget/Reporting
    • Credit
    • Financial/Accounting
    • Tax
  • Internal Auditor
  • Staff Supervisor
  • Team Lead

Careers within the Finance organization can include positions in the following groups:

  • Controllers
  • Financial Services
  • Internal Audit
  • Tax
  • Treasury
  • Treasury Services

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MBA Opportunities

Whether assigned to a key corporate staff group or to a specific business unit, you will be responsible for providing financial, strategic, competitive, and decision support analysis to senior management in service of developing or executing the Phillips 66 strategy.

Typical early-career MBA assignments at Phillips 66 include:

  • Treasury
  • Investment Appraisal
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Investor Relations
  • Long Range Planning & Budgets
  • Master Limited Partnerships
  • Marketing

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MBA Career Managment

A core element of the Phillips 66 strategy is building and maintaining a high-performing organization. To help achieve this, Phillips 66 provides a MBA Talent Management Team (TMT) for its MBA employee population to help manage careers and develop future leaders. The main objective of the MBA TMT is to recruit and develop exceptional MBA leaders. The intent is to hire full-time MBAs with significant long-term potential and then steward the careers of those select MBAs for their first five to seven years of employment. The team is led and championed by the VP & Treasurer or his/her designee to ensure the appropriate level of oversight for this key group of employees.