Lubricants Internship

People tinker and build. They invent and discover. It’s the human spirit that fuels progress.

All of the new gadgets, thingamajigs and gizmos that are born from this innovation require lubrication. As new products and inventions find a path to market, we make it our job to reduce the friction along the way—so that people can keep creating, building and moving forward. Invention doesn’t stop, so our people never stop inventing. That’s why we began with a few products nearly a century ago and now have hundreds of possibilities for designers and engineers across thousands of applications.

An internship in Lubricants combines aspects of engineering and business. The internship will encompass the entire production, manufacturing, and marketing value chain. Some potential projects include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Process Improvement

Phillips 66. Keeping the world running smoothly. To apply for a Lubricants internship, please click here.