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A placement with Phillips 66 is more than a job that will look good on your curriculum vitae (CV). It's an excellent opportunity to roll up your sleeves and make important contributions as a valued member of our team. With the diverse scope of our operations and global footprint, the experience you gain will be tremendous. It's absolutely the best way to get a head start on your career.


Discover A Placement that Sets You Apart

As an undergraduate placement student with Phillips 66, your work will play a key role in helping us make decisions that maximise our value for employees, shareholders and customers; assess the health of our business; and drive improved performance.

Placement Student Positions:

The placement roles will be based in our London office, the roles on offer intake are:

  • Finance Analyst: Working alongside the trade floor teams, the role of the Finance group is primarily to support the trading and supply operations for our European crude oil and refined products business.
  • Finance and Performance Analysis (F&PA): Working within the F&PA team, you will be one of five analysts responsible for reporting the Commercial trading results to the trade floor professionals, internal finance management and senior analysts.
  • Market Analysis: Work within the London Market Analysis group to provide fundamental data and analysis to support the trading desks.

Why You Should Apply

  • You will gain real-world experience and find out how to successfully contribute to important and challenging projects that accelerate your learning and development.
  • As well as on-the-job experience, the programme is reinforced with a comprehensive training package
  • The placement scheme is our starting point to identify and cultivate talented, passionate people and build a workforce that can propel us, and more importantly you, into an extraordinary future when you graduate.

Refinery Engineering

It's the challenge ... the collaboration ... and the innovation that make a career in Engineering so exciting at Phillips 66. Our engineering professionals are continually applying, refining and adapting new technologies to enhance and expand our product portfolios, as well as fine-tuning our refinement processes to ensure and improve efficiency in all of our operations.

As an engineering placement student with Phillips 66, you'll have opportunities to make contributions that support our Humber Refinery , which is one of the most sophisticated and complex operations in Europe. Depending on your assignment, your focus may range from major capital project support to plant optimization, assisting your team with:

  • Initial project development studies.
  • Developing process, civil, electrical/instrumentation or mechanical engineering designs.
  • Assisting with project management and procurement activities.
  • Helping drive continuous improvement of designs and design practices.

In areas such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, materials, industrial and civil engineering, we offer students exciting opportunities to take on real-world challenges in a rapidly changing industry. If you're ready for your next big challenge, you need to apply.

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