We’re proud of our past, focused on our future, and leading the industry with energy solutions that have a positive impact around the world. If you’re looking for a place that will encourage you to drive change, take on bold new challenges and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit every day, Phillips 66 is that place.

Phillips 66 is dedicated to helping new hires like you make a smooth transition into the professional world. We understand that your success as an employee and our success as a corporation are one in the same. That’s why we’ve developed career-specific new hire programs designed to give you the tools you need to maximize your potential and succeed in your new career.

Commercial Marketing

It All Starts with You

Our Commercial organisation manages the company's worldwide commodity portfolio. Composed of several working groups based in London, Houston and Singapore, it provides the support that allows us to optimize our assets and improve our operational performance.

We have significant Marketing operations in Europe, with office locations based in London, Salzburg and Hamburg. In the UK the business is primarily wholesale, selling fuels to distributors (some of whom are branded JET) and resellers.

Over time, a career in Commercial or Marketing may include:

  • Market Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Supply Coordinator
  • Operator
  • Trade Support
  • Trader
  • Supply Operations Manager
  • Retail or Wholesale Account Manager

The Commercial & Marketing Graduate Development Programme is a two-year structured scheme, allowing you to experience two different roles in two diverse business areas.

  • You will gain real-world experience and exposure to sales and trading environments.
  • Find out how and where you can add value and best develop your abilities in the energy industry and at Phillips 66
  • You will contribute to important and challenging projects that accelerate your learning and development
  • The scheme is our starting point to identify and cultivate talented, passionate people and build a workforce that can propel us and more importantly you into an extraordinary future

Why you should apply?

  • As a graduate with Phillips 66, your work will play a key role in helping us make the decisions that maximise our value for employees, shareholders and customers; assess the health of our business; and drive improved performance. Imagine seeing the work you do play a part in market decisions and strategies that have a direct impact on our success.
  • As well as on-the-job experience, the programme is reinforced with a comprehensive training package that includes Derivatives Course and Advanced Excel/Access Course
  • London-based Commercial & Marketing Graduates Student salary is benchmarked to ensure market competitiveness
  • Other benefits include subsidised gym membership and complimentary employee lunch.


Whether you’re a chemical, electrical, mechanical or instrument engineer, there’s a place for you to flourish at Phillips 66. Our Humber Refinery Engineering new hire programme prepares you in your new career by offering significant training and development within the first five years of employment. As a new hire, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize your existing knowledge while building new skill sets. Our focus is to help you gain a more robust understanding of the refining process and the energy industry, in an environment that embraces collaboration and values your contributions. Graduate new hires are supported in pursuing Chartership and growing as professionals early in their careers.

Professional Refinery Engineering Program (PREP)

PREP is a comprehensive development roadmap for early career engineers at Phillips 66. Through this three-year programme, engineers learn from internal and external experts for one to two weeks each year. This experience includes the following programme benefits:

  • Executive exposure.
  • Technical and high-level refining presentations by internal and external experts.
  • Hard and soft skill development.
  • Introduction to functional excellence team resources.
  • Networking and team building with other early career engineers.

Phillips 66 engineers begin their careers by contributing in these key areas:

  • Business or economic analysis.
  • Control systems.
  • Environmental.
  • Equipment reliability and maintenance.
  • Process design.
  • Operations.
  • Projects.

To apply for UK New Hire Opportunities, please click here.