See Your Work Come to Life in Real-World Applications.

What can PhDs expect as a new member of the Phillips 66 research team? New hires begin their career on the technical ladder, conducting research supporting various projects that could be either long-term or short-term in duration. As employees’ careers advance, they will have the option to remain on the technical ladder or move to the management ladder. Crossover between the ladders is common and not restricted. In addition, all career paths within the company are available with no restrictions regarding work.

Empowering Our Employees

Each employee is responsible for his or her own research, and each project is considered to be important to the success of the company. The specific decisions regarding the day-to-day work on a project are up to the employee. Besides research opportunities in several different areas such as Refining, Environmental, Biofuels, Sustainability, Process Optimization, Analytical and Midstream within R&D proper, there are opportunities to serve in one of our refineries, business development groups, transportation or other business units within the company. Also, the development of new technologies and potential commercialization of these technologies for real-world applications provides R&D professionals with significant business exposure and opportunities.

How You Will Grow

Randy - Manger Analytical Sciences

We encourage our PhD associates to attend conferences and outside technical workshops every year. There are also internal training programs offered by company employees, as well as courses offered by outside firms at company locations. Opportunities are presented early on to supervise other employees, take charge of projects and take on temporary assignments with operating units.

What It Takes

Danielle - Associate Engineer

PhD candidates should be independent thinkers who have the ability to solve problems. They should also have expertise in a particular area of science or engineering and the flexibility to work on different problems that may be outside of their immediate area. We seek individuals who can function effectively on teams, be innovative and be willing to take some risk. They should also be open to diversity of thought that is already present in the organization.

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